Divine Mercy Radio is run by a lay apostolate, serving as a Board of Directors, who is working in partnership with Church leaders. Divine Mercy Radio is dedicated to the message of truth, mercy and love as proclaimed by Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to serve as a means of evangelizing the orthodox teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through programming of EWTN and Ave Maria Radio as well as Catholic approved local programming.

Mission Statement:

Divine Mercy Radio was established to fulfill the Decree of the Second Vatican Council, Inter Mirifca -- Among the Wonderful. Inter Mirifica calls for the use of social communications to promote and instruct all people according to God's plan of sanctification found in the teachings of the Catholic Church. By the guidance of the Supreme Pontiff and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Divine Mercy Radio endeavors to bring educational, entertaining, and spiritually enriching programming that expresses the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Hebrew word ruah is a very rich word with lots of meanings.  In English, it can be variously translated as: wind, air, breath, and spirit.  In the Creation Story in Genesis we are told that the ruah of God hovered over the waters in the beginning.  Jesus breathes on His apostles after His Resurrection to bestow His Spirit upon them (John 20:22).  I believe that in keeping with this sacred tradition, that the airwaves of Catholic Radio can also be included in the ancient understanding of ruah.  God’s Spirit is transmitted to our listeners through the programming we are able to broadcast through the air, on-line, through the Divine Mercy App, etc.  Whether it is through the fine programming that comes to us from EWTN or our locally produced shows like One Body and Double Edged Sword the airwaves are alive with God’s Spirit or ruah.  We are glad you are taking time to study our website and listen to our programming.  I will only ask you to do what I myself do for our local Catholic Radio Station: Please pray for the mission of Divine Mercy Radio, and financially support these Catholic airwaves as you are able.
Fr. Fred Gatschet, Vicar General