Become an Underwriter

Business Sponsor

Your business/practice will be mentioned, no less than five times a day for the entire month. The announcment is :15 or :30 in length.

Business Broadcast Bulletin

Your business/practice will be mentioned along with one other business in a rotation that will run (at least) five times a day.

Program Sponsor

Please, please underwrite our two local shows as production costs are high and we're losing money by the week!  For a mere $150/month you will receive a :30 spot before, during and after the show as well as being listed on two pages of this web site AND be included in the CDs of these shows Divine Mercy Radio produces.  Both Double-Edged Sword and One Body airs five times a week, and thus your business is mentioned 15 times!

Day Sponsor

The announcement is :30 or :60 in length and will run each hour for the entire day on select/available dates. It's a great way to honor someone's birthday, or a wedding anniversary or even to honor that special couple on their wedding day.  A new birth is also a special way to celebrate life, and we can also celebrate life by honoring a loved one's death. AND you'll be supporting Catholic radio! If you donate $500/year you're entitled to one FREE Day Sponsor.