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Double-Edged Sword and One Body CDs 

Only $5 Each!

Double-Edged Sword:
Fr. Fred Gatschet
Current Cultural Issues (2 left)
Deductive vs. Inductive:  The "new" way to Evangelize (3 left)
Discovering Truth:  How cynacism debunks civilized ideas, Bible or Doctrine:  Which is the way to Truth, Paradox:  The only way to whole Truth (1 left)
The Five Wounds of Secularism (4 left)
The Four Ways:  Which one leads to happiness (3 left)
Issues in America (5 left)
Prophecy (1 left)
The Social Dangers in Redefining Marriage (1 left)
The Year of Mercy Explained (2 left)
Right or Wrong: What is our moral obligation before God? (1 left)
Fr. Barnabus Eichor
Are the Scriptures Historically Reliable? (6 left)
The Heavenly Mission of Good Angels, More About Angels (1 left)
The Hunger Games:  What Lessons Can We Learn? (4 left)
Mary in Scripture (4 left)
Is There Salvation Outside the Catholic Church? (5 left)
What is the Human Person and Why Does it Matter? (2 left)
Fr. Daryl Olmstead:
Cursillo, Alcoholism & Forgiveness (1 left)
Fr. John Schmeidler
Encountering Jesus in Scripture (5 left)
Bishop Joseph Werth
An Interview with Bishop Joseph Werth (2 left)
Fr. Joshua Werth
All About the Priesthood (1 left)
Catholic Essentials:  Is Missing Mass a Big Deal?, Christ's Healing Grace, Baptism (1 left)
Concupiscence:  The Price of Original Sin (1 left)
Generational Sin (1 left)
Gospel of Mark I (1 left)
Gospel of Mark II:  Calling of the Apostles (1 left)
Gospel of Mark IV:  Jesus Continues Healing (1 left)
The Many Battles of Suicide (1 left)
Religion vs. Loving Jesus:  Can They Be Separated? (1 left)
The Sacrifice Behind the Abstinence of Meat (1 left)
The Occult, The Devil & Exorcism (1 left)
Hell: Is It Real? & Halloween: Pagan or Saintly? (2 left)
One Body:
David & Brenda Basgall
The Cross of Infertility (1 left)
Gene & Sabrina Hedding
Journey into the Catholic Faith (2 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan
Fertility Issues:  Contraception & Abortion, Pregnancy & Fetal Development, NFP:  Insurance for Marriage (2 left)
Medicine & Politics:  China's one-child policy & personhood (8 left)
Wellness:  The Gift of Exercise, Managing Stress, Nutrition & Supplements (6 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan & Maria Cheney
Aging:  The Psychological, Social & Medical Aspects (1 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan & Lori Harlan
Multiple Sclerosis (1 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan & Dr. Maria Rapp
The Beauty of Fertility (1 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan & Catherine Seiwert
Pure and Simple Health Education (1 left)
Dr. Amy Hogan & David Wagner
The Science of Pathology (1 left)
Mirta Martin
With Faith We Go Forward (2 left)
Donetta Robben
The Physical & Psychological Consequences of Abortion (1 left)
Abortion Consequences & Healing (1 left)
George Toman
The Catholic Priesthood (1 left)
One Body Cd
Please indicate in the comments box which cds you wish to purchase.  Add $5 (for 5 cds or less) if you'd like these shipped.  Otherwise your purchase can be picked up at 108 E. 12th St., Hays.
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