Eric Genuis

World-class composer and pianst

     Born in Toronto, Canada in 1966, Eric Genuis is an acclaimed composer, virtuoso pianist, and inspirational speaker. He has recorded several CDs with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra of all original music in addition to performing on television and scoring music for independent films. Annually, her performs hundreds of live concerts a year in the US and internationally.


     His beautifully creative melodies, exquisitely combined with his own modern style, gives rise to a unique musical experience with universal appeal. When not preforming in the private living rooms of the rich and famous or for large venue functions or benefits, Eric shares his gift of music with the less fortunate and suffering of the world, or as he calls them, "the forgotten." In the same manner as with his other concerts, Eric is accompanied by world-class violinists, cellists and vocalists. Through Eric's foundation, Concerts for Hope, they go into rehab centers for PTSD veterans, memory care facilities, inner-city schools and even prisons.

Central & Western Kansas Performance Schedule

Tuesday, September 20


5:30  pm & 7:30 pm        Norton Correctional Facility

                                                11130 Road E4

                                                Norton, KS  67654



Wednesday, September 21


10:15 – 11 am                    Sacred Heart Junior & Senior High School

                                                234 E. Cloud St.

                                                Salina, KS  67401

2 pm – 4 pm                       Public Concert
                                               Marymount Properties

                                                2030 E. Iron Ave.

                                                Salina, KS  67401


6 pm                                      Ellsworth Correctional Facility    

                                                1607 State St.

                                                Ellsworth, KS  67439


Thursday, September 22


9:50 -10 am                        Thomas More Prep-Marian Junior & Senior High School

                                                1701 Hall St.

                                                Hays, KS  67601


2:15-3 pm                           Holy Family Elementary School

                                                1800 Milner St.

                                                Hays, KS  67601


7 pm                                      Public Concert

                                                Immaculate Heart of Mary

                                                1805 Vine St.

                                                Hays, KS  67601


Divine Mercy Radio

108 E. 12th St.

Hays, KS  67601